Critical Computer Science 1

Experimental pedagogy for infusing feminist, anti-racist, and political inquiry directly into Computer Science classrooms.

Arbitrary Function Generator

How can cultural context become part of the design parameters in a technical project?

Drawing insight from history and sociology of technology and media archeology, this project offers one way in which human considerations are always part of system design, and how the latter might benefit from an explicit engagement with the former in electronic music contexts.

Politicizing DNA

Explorations of the ethical, legal, and social implications of direct-to-consumer genetics.

Bales of Amber

Despondent after her daughter's death, Julia joins the Animal Factorization Initiative in an effort to add some structure to her life. She then finds much more than she bargained for with chores, puzzles, and new friends.

Then she dies.

Winner of the Troy Tech Valley Game Space's ProtoStar Pitching award. A video game made to educate people about the importance of whales and other companion species and about what anyone can do to save them.

Meditations on Memory

An installation-based video project meant to open a dialogue on the ways that things like smart devices affect our memory.

Further, I am looking at the ways memory can be affected by things such as dissociation, and other personal challenges that can influence recollection.

Relational Artificial Intelligences

Interrogating the psychosociology of artificial intelligence. Experimenting with structured play as epistemic praxis, engaging various home robots in the laboratory setting.

Past Projects

Colliding Knowledge

Using gaming techniques and software to create experimental narratives about science and knowledge using particle collider data.

Sanctuary for New Americans

A collection of stories about the unconventional American experience that interrogate the limited imagination of what it means to be an American, especially for women of color/non-binary/queer/transgender.